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Story - Why Hainault IG6

Why Hainault IG6
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Why Hainault IG6 Is a Heaven For Tourists?

Hainault is a split between Chigwell and Ilford's post towns, and it also has the postcode IG6. Hainault is quite famous for its alluring tourist spots. Let’s see why.

Transport and Nightlife

The town connects everything with the railway tube system that runs underground. It is convenient for the people living in the town and for the ones visiting it too. London has incredible nightlife, people in London party all night. There are a few pubs in Hainault that serve fantastic food, and you get to party there anytime. You might have heard about the Two Brewers; it is one of the most famous pubs in Hainault with a wide range of food choices and real ales.

Parks and Tourist Spots

Hainault 1G6 town is also famous for the Hainault forest – one of the surviving parts of the royal forest of Essex, which is a historical fact if history excites you. There is so much to see; if you are in Hainault, the Royal Buckingham Palace isn't far. If you are lucky, you might even get to see the changing of the guards, which is a rare sight to watch.

London and its metropolitan areas are kept insanely clean because of the tourists visiting now and then. While you are in Hainault, you should see Big Ben too! Big Ben is located in the Palace of Westminster and is truly a magnificent sight to endure. All these destinations are in London and since you are in the middle of it why you shouldn’t?

Educational Institutions

It holds pretty cool educational institutions, too, like the Imperial College, which is inevitably among the world's top ten universities.


Hainault is full of fancy restaurants and unique places for you guys to visit. I guarantee you the experience of visiting England is like none other because of their peculiarly unique establishment.