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Story - Overnight experience

Overnight experience
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There are only two varieties of girls – these who don’t have the possibility to make lads turn their head after them, and secondly, these who do. Our short cakes most undoubtedly belong to the latter sort, and it wouldn’t be false to say that if our sweet cheeks were in the middle in a crowdy place, and one hundred males would be present there to see that, then the sum of a hundred gents would have their gaze locked on our sweet peas – and that is how good their attractiveness is.

We admit that it wasn’t a piece of cake to come across such rare pearls and ask them to work for our agency- but we asked on our knees and bribed, and now here we are – these complete hot cakes are obtainable for you to ask them to your hotel apartment or studio right now!

And all of this candy for a very small price of ninety nine L, but it can vary a pound or two, depending on the details of the place of your current living. The total price list you can easily ask for by calling our reception on one of the landline numbers provided on the website, and a informative voice will immediately give you all the additional information.

So waste your evening no more, that mouth watering female could be stretching herself like a cat in your hotel right now. And you don’t even have to kill a dragon to win her heart, all you have to do is telephone our enterprise. Isn’t it just like a fantasy coming true? Have our promise for this, that a lot more may come to life, if only you are decisive with your meeting.

We have lots of sweet peas, but they all are extremely desired and the city of London is an impressive metropolis after all! So be the ringleader and book before some other lad does. We always promise you 100% one hundred percent discretion, and never save any personal details, so no one – even your neighbors – will notice that you are now with a madam so refined she could be on a magazine cover.

If you thought this is the end of surprises, then we will prove you wrong surprise you even more – you can too get a great discount if reserving for multiplied hours or a few girls altogether, and on an overnight experience you save the sum of 70 L.